Leather Cleaning and Restoration in Tallahassee

Chances are, you own a piece of clothing or an accessory made out of some form of leather. Leather boots, bags, belts, and of course jackets all see the same wear and tear as regular clothing, especially if a particular piece is your favorite.

Because of leather's unique properties, it can't just be tossed into the wash like other fabrics. That's why we offer leather cleaning and restoration. We use a special method of cleaning just for leather that will leave your leathers looking as good as the day you got them.

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Our Leather Cleaning Process

Our special process to clean and restore your leather goods gives them the unique care they need and will leave you with a beautiful piece that looks brand new.

Our process starts by hand, with a detailed inspection of your items to note everywhere that needs care and special leather cleaning.

We find scuffs and stains, repairing them carefully by hand and recoloruing the leather as needed with our unqiue color-match system.

Finally, we replinish the essential oils of the material and take care of any other needs it may have, such as broken zippers or missing buttons.